usethis::use_github_release() run without token returns an error but still deletes the CRAN-RELEASE file


I am not sure if this is an issue worthy of reporting, or an issue at all, but I thought I should describe because it seemed to me to be somewhat confusing.

I was running usethis::use_github_release() for the first time and didn't know that I need to have a github token set up.

So I got some errors of course:
Error: No GitHub `auth_token` is available. See `browse_github_token()` for help storing a token as an environment variable.

But no message that the CRAN-RELEASE file got deleted. I was notified of the deletion by the rstudio editor when it suggested to close a deleted file.

I was doing this for the first time and maybe more experienced users don't run into this, but I just thought it is confusing that usethis::use_github_release() sort of did half of the task (deleting CRAN-RELEASE) when reporting an error too.

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