Usethis package for projects (not packages) - why and how?

I came across these slides from rmedicine by Jennifer Thompson. She mentions usethis for projects:

usethis is particularly helpful for creating R packages, but has
plenty of functions that will help you set up a general project:

  • Projects ( create_project() )
  • Standardized file structures ( use_r() , use_data_raw() )
  • git and GitHub ( use_git() , use_github() )
  • And more!

Bonus points: Use usethis to turn your project into a fully transportable package!

Are there any good tutorials on how to do this?

I'm currently working on two computers and syncing between them with icloud. I use rprojects for everything, but my only source of version controll would have to be the icloud backup...I'm working my way through for git, but I guess I would also need packrat and something like usethis?

The package website that you link to in the quoted portion of your post seems to have a pretty good tutorial (which is also a vignette in the package) under the setup tab. Here is a link specifically to that:

usethis setup

I had a look at the vignettes, but I couldn't really make the connection. I think I need the stupefied version with "here is why and how I use usethis for this particular part of my project".