Users on Windows 11 v22h2 unable to access RStudio-server

We currently run a rstudio-server instance on RHEL 8 for our students in various classes.

Version: 2022.12.0+353 (Elsbeth Geranium) for RHEL 8
(one version behind however our policy is that we do not install new versions or updates during school terms unless it is for a critical update.)

Since mid February we have gotten several reports that students are no longer able to access the rstudio-server instance via their web browser on their personal computers. It does not matter what browser the student is using (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari) on their computer, they log in, get the spinning icon indicating that it is loading, and eventually the connection times out with "R is taking longer to start than usual." with the buttons "Reload", "Safe Mode", and "Terminate R". Choosing a button does not make a difference with the login.

Logs from the rstudio server show a valid login attempt and authentication but no more traffic from the computer. This has been verified by watching the traffic between the server and the computer.

If the student uses a University computer or another students computer they are able to login in normally. It is just their personal computer that they are unable to login (or the Personal computer of any other student who is having the same issue).

As best as we can tell, the issue seems to stem from a Windows 11 update to version 22H2. All of the students that have the issue were updated in February and they started having issues after the update. Students that are on Windows 10 or Windows 11 (21H2) are still working fine.

Is anyone else seeing this issue? Have you found a solution?

Does anyone know what applications / calls are used by the brower when trying to connect to the rstudio server? This may help us narrow down the problem.

Thank you.

Raymond Val
Linux System Administrator
Sewanee: The University of the South

Interesting, we have not seen that yet. Can you please generate a HAR file of the network activity generated when the problem occurs. Instructions for how to do this in different browsers can be found here:

Thank you for looking into this. I have requested meetings with several of the students that are having the issue. How should I provide the files once I gathered them?

Thank you.

Can you try a service like

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