Users are not automatically logged out/timed out of RStudio IDE

I am a administrator for RStudio IDE Open Source Edition.
My situation is that

  1. when users log in to Rstudio IDE on web browser,
  2. then they close the browser,
  3. come back 1 month later, they open the RStudio IDE web page again,
  4. and they are not prompted for USERNAME/PASSWORD!
    I set the session-timeout-minutes=30 but users still have their logons preserved.
    does closing a browser log someone out or not? do users have to click logout to actually logout for good?
    Thank you,

As you are using open source version and not pro version I am not sure how this apply, however it is a good hint.
I manage some Rstudio Pro servers and we configured it.

For login lifetime the correct options are describe here

By default, the lifetime for user credentials to RStudio is 30 days. If you want to change that the option is

# /etc/rstudio/rserver.conf


You can disable any lifetime and ask authentification at each connection with

# /etc/rstudio/rserver.conf


Currently, you used session-timeout-minutes=30. That applies to an r session opened on the server and not closed or suspended manually by the user.
From experience, when closing the tab in the browser or the browser, the user is not log out from the server and the open R session is not close nor suspended. The session timeout applies : After 30min, the R sessions opened will be suspended (cache mechanism) to free memory and process. At next connection, it will be reopened by loading the saved state. It is what session-input-timeout-minutes option control (see doc 5.2.2

For user to really log out, they have to log out manually or you have to configured the described aboved options

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Thank you Thank you Thank you, i will be trying this and report back!

seems like Rstudio open source doesnt allow this option?
Error reading /etc/rstudio/rserver.conf: unrecognised option 'auth-stay-signed-in'

It is possible that this is only a pro feature. I have the pro version and did not find a doc for OSS version.

Someone for rstudio needs to step in to confirm. Sorry.

Hello everyone,
We are getting a similar error when trying to add the configuration auth-stay-signed-in.
Can some one from Rstudio advise if this feature is available for community edition of the RStudio?

The error we get when verifying the installation is:
Error reading /etc/rstudio/rserver.conf: unrecognised option 'auth-stay-signed-in'

There is only a single admin guide for RStudio Server (open source) and RStudio Server Pro. In this admin guide, sections that are only applicable to the Pro version are indicated with the "Pro" symbol at each relevant paragraph.

For example, section 5.2 is only applicable to the Pro version:


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