User default library path

The default library installation path for user installed libraries is in Windows: 'C:/Users/USERNAME/Documents/R/...'

This is not very good or even bad idea, because:

  1. Most people want to see their own work and saved documents in this directory and definitely not some kind of program libraries.
  2. Many people use cloud sync (Google Drive etc.) and Documents directory is one of the first default options to sync. Even with my small usage of R there is 530 MB data (21588 files, 3030 directories). Syncing it makes extra traffic and takes out valuable cloud space. Of course there is option to opt it out, but does anybody do that?

In next versions this default library location should be changed or there must be at least an option in menu to migrate it to somewhere else.

Now there is easy, but manual workaround: set in windows environment variables 'R_USER = C:\Users\USERNAME' and move the R directory from Documents to your home directory.

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