use summarytools::dfSummary() output in plumber?

I am trying to figure out a way to pick up the cute visualization provided by summarytools::dfSummary() and make it available through a plumber API. The documentation for the latter Summarytools in R Markdown Documents points down to the way to create the HTML output with print( dfSummary_object, method="render") and the various options to simplify the output. However all I am getting from the plumber API when it is running is "An exception occurred."

This is how far I've been able to get -- I think I need to use the HTML serializer but that's where my knowledge ends.

#* Display the dfsummary 
#* @serializer html
#* @get /dfsummary
function() {
                  varnumbers   = FALSE, 
                  graph.magnif = 0.6),
        method = 'render', headings=FALSE, bootstrap.css=FALSE) )

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