Use STR in a odbc connection

I have some tables in a odbc conection to which I have access with this code:

con <- dbConnect(odbc::odbc(), uid = usid, pwd = pwd, dsn = "Oracle-dw02-32")

When I use the STR command


I get this error

Error in str(TF_MDE_DATA_10) : object 'TF_MDE_DATA_10' not found

Is there any similar command to STR to tables in conections?

Thank you.

How is TF_MDE_DATA_10 related to the con object?


an R statement ?


It is but TF_MDE_DATA_10 wasn´t a R dataframe.

I solved the problem his way:

# Listar as tabelas acessíveis na ligação

# Fazer uma "preview" dos dados numa tabela.
TF_MDE_DATA_10 <- odbcPreviewObject(con, rowLimit = 0, table = "BDIMDE.TF_MDE_DATA_10")

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