Use shinylogs with

Is it possible (and/or is there a recommended way) to use {shinylogs}, which logs interactions with a Shiny app, when the app is hosted via

{shinylogs} creates JSON log files in a /log directory. Locally, this works fine for me. I wonder if I can simply download the tar file from and then read the JSON files; or if there is a way to do this programmatically (and on a regular basis). I also wonder whether I'm missing something obvious about how to interact with files on

EDIT: I now am unclear as to whether it's possible to use this with

I have not used this, but the doc says you can put the log anywhere.

If you know the log file name can't you just copy it to somewhere else using your app? e.g. to a Dropbox folder using rdrop2::drop_upload. There's a page somewhere about Persistent Storage in shiny apps.

Also, you know you can see the normal logs in right? I tend to write a lot of debugging info to the console in my apps and it gets saved in the log in, which is useful for debugging.

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