Use of R for Data Streams

Noobie to R, and for hobby interest only. Retired person.

Would like comments if R etc is suitable for taking a data stream from a vintage TMS1000 processor (have all the structure etc) and to maybe insert small amount of new code and then install on Arduino for placing the combined data into a new stream. Original data is for a Hornby Zero1 digital model railway controller and then add some new code data and send on to the railway tracks. The tracks will have receiver modules in the locos which monitor data and act accordingly.
Just comments on feasability etc would be great. And any example projects for R and Arduino that work with data streams and inserting new code etc.
Is there a place for beginners for R to communicate.
Charles Harris

Hi, welcome

I looked in which is an R-tuned Google gateway and in GitHub without finding anything that looked promising. And this is the only post that I see in the archives here that mentions TMS1000.

That said, R is Turing complete and can be used as a general purpose programming language to do anything that others can do. In principle.

In practice, using R with this project as a motivating case to learn the language is fine. But if you’re principally interested in implementing the project there may be better choices. Because a lot of game software uses Lua there may be something to start with there. This site probably has emulator software for the TMS1000 that may be easier to prototype with than the hardware.

What this amounts to is writing a device driver, something that used to be, and probably still is, for the mindset that does engine rebuilds.

As to beginner questions in R, this is a good place to ask. Search for the FAQ on how to use reprex to give complete code and data needed to debug an error that isn’t clear.

Good luck

I think this is a further sticking point;
Although you can establish communication between a system running R and an arduino running a program ( RPubs - What we R about when we R about R and Arduino)

if the hope was to run R on the Arduino , I doubt this is possible.

If the Arduino requires code compilation then you will need a systems level language; likely c/c++ or maybe rust to program on it ? Sorry, I don't know much about Arduino's or embedded programming generally

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