Use of Mode Function in R?

Hello Everyone, I am preparing for R interview related some questions and I want to know how to use mode function in R. In R, mean() and median() are standard functions which do what you'd expect. mode() tells you the internal storage mode of the object, not the value that occurs the most in its argument. Can anyone tell me the functionality of mode? And also suggest me some tips for my upcoming interviews.

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If I understand correctly, you are asking how to find mode (the most occuring value) in R. If that's the case, it doesn't have any function to do that directly.

However, there are many approaches by finding out frequencies and choosing the value corresponding to maximum frequency. You can find lots of answers here:

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What is the actual question here?

Most of the text is copied from the SO link from Yarnabrina and there are numerous answers there. What is not clear about them?

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The mode is the value that has highest number of occurrences in a set of data. Unike mean and median, mode can have both numeric and character data. R does not have a standard in-built function to calculate mode . So we create a user function to calculate mode of a data set in R .

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