Use of loop function

Hello, I'm doing the HarvardX: Statistics and R course and I having some problems with one of the questions and the this site is one of the suggests references to seek help.
So, the question is "Use a for loop to determine the value of ∑25i=1i2", previously I complete the swirl package "course" but I'm still having trouble with this one question.
So If anyone can help me, Please.
Thank you.

It's unclear what you wish to sum... An equation? ...

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I don't exactly know what they want in this exercise, but the the previously exercise is "Create a numeric vector containing the numbers 2.23, 3.45, 1.87, 2.11, 7.33, 18.34, 19.23.

What is the average of these numbers?"
The answer is "7.79" but I don't think the questions are related. Any ideas?

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