Use of informations from the raedda-package

I have done a "Robust Eigenvalues Decomposition Discriminant Analysis" with the R package "raedda". With the function print.raedda_t(), I get a list of output components for the best model (according to BIC) in form of an object of class "raeddat".

I have two questions about this
a) I want to compare some of the models with different numbers of expected classes. Is it possible, to get the other values (with other numbers of classes)?

b)I want to use the suggested groups for further analysis. How can I get the suggested affiliation for integration into the dataset?

Thank you very much!

I've got the solution. When I open the specific object, I get the corresponding path, e.g. "mod[["EVE"]][["4"]][["test"]][["cl"]]". With this information, I could create a vector e.g.:


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