Use gitui or lazygit in RStudio Desktop or Workbench?

I'm exploring text-mode user interfaces for Git. I've found three alternatives that look nice:

Of all the three alternatives, only tig displays its output correctly. For gitui and lazygit, it looks like portions of the screen are not redrawn correctly. These tools also don't seem to offer a "redraw" option, unlike tig.

Is there a workaround or a hack? Is this a limitation of the terminal emulator?

Yes, it's a limitation of the terminal emulator. RStudio uses xterm.js to provide terminal emulation. It's the same one Visual Studio Code uses. It's pretty good, but it's still just Javascript trying to imitate a terminal and doesn't always get all of the curses stuff perfect.

I use tig myself and love it, so I hope it meets your needs!

Thanks. From a very quick check, VS Code doesn't seem to experience the same problems as RStudio. Could those problems be resolved by upgrading xterm.js?

What tigrc are you using? Lacking alternatives, I might go with it, but it needs custom configuration even to be able to push or fetch.

Could be. What version of RStudio are you using? If it's not a recent one, you might try upgrading. The most recent version is 2022.12, which we will release by the end of the year. It has a completely revamped rendering engine so there's some chance that'll fix the issues you're seeing. You can pick it up here:

I use tig for staging, status, and commits -- no tigrc, all stock settings. I just use regular git commands to fetch/push.

Thanks for the heads-up! I tried with the daily RSW, the UI does look much better with lazygit and gitui . Time to install the daily locally and test-drive...

Just updated to:


2022.12.0 Build 353

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Unfortunately, lazygit and gitui still show artifacts...

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