Use .data[[x]] when x is a column of the data frame

Hi folks,

I would like to refer to a variable when the name of it comes from the value of another variable. Weird stuff, I assume, but it appeared in a real case. Any ideas? Thanks!

da <- tibble::tibble(x = "name", name = 10)

da |> 
  dplyr::summarise(result = name)
#> # A tibble: 1 × 1
#>   result
#>       <dbl>
#> 1        10

da |> 
  dplyr::summarise(result = .data[[x]])
#> Error in splice(dot_call(capture_dots, frame_env = frame_env, named = named, : objeto 'x' não encontrado

Created on 2022-09-24 with reprex v2.0.2

da |> 
  dplyr::summarise(result = cur_data()[[x]])
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