Use an alternative shell for the terminal in RStudio

Hi there,

I'm really new to git, but am embracing the command line. Is there a way to set up a different shell, lilke oh my zsh as the default shell in the terminal in RStudio? I like how it prompts me with little tags about my repo's git status.

I apologise in advance for butchering these cs terms; I don't have much formal cs training.


Yes you just have to adjust your terminal settings in RStudio.


Thanks! :notes: Worked a treat. Really appreciate it.

Ha! My first R forum question ever, thanks for sharing the maiden voyage. :sailboat:

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Sorry for reviving this topic, but I don't think I've ever seen this custom option in Rstudio and right now there isn't one. I'm on a Windows machine with Rstudio 1.1.419.

That option is not available for windows versions