Usage of non-default lints

I am currently creating a set of linters, which would correspond to the R code styleguide conventions which we use in our team.

I would like to make use of none-default linters, such as:




However, when I am adding them to my .lintr config and run lintr::lint, those linters are not recognized.
Is there a way to activate non-default linters?

I am linting single R codes, not a package,

I have lintr 1.0.2 package installed.

Are you setting this up by project? (link goes to the project configuration setting section)

Note I'm moving this into General, since it's not tidyverse-specific :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you for the answer.

Yes, I am doing it like it is described in the link (I was also using the instructions). I am creating a .lintr config and trying to include the non-default linters there. However, it didn't work.

I think you'll need to provide some more information for people to be able to help. Can you make this question into a reproducible example? This might look like:

  • Your .lintr config file
  • Some (brief) sample code you are trying to lint
  • The output you get from running lint() on your sample code

You can copy and paste all of that here in separate code blocks, or you can post it somewhere else (e.g., GitHub or GitHub gists) and link to it.

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