Usage of multiple filter inputs


I'am trying to filter a dataset on the input of users with shiny. I've got 3 different inputs and if one of those inputs changes the output must change as well. I'have correct codes for the 3 individual inputs but I'am not able to combine them, so that they work together. At this moment only one of the filters works at a time. I hope someone can help me, see my code below.

thank you in advance

ui <- fluidPage(


selectInput("V_Succes","Succes rate", choices = dt$Success_status),

selectInput("V_Industry", "Industry", choices = dt$`Industry of company`),

sliderInput("V_Amount", "Funding amount", 10000, 77000000,38505000)),


server <- function(input, output){
output$filtered_table <- renderTable({

succesFilter <- subset(dt, dt$Success_status == input$V_Succes)
industryFilter <- subset(dt, dt$"Industry of company" == input$V_Industry)
amountFilter <- dt[dt$`Last Funding Amount` >= input$V_Amount[1] & dt$`Last Funding Amount` <= input$V_Amount[2],]



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