US State Standardization

Does anyone know of an existing function/package/API that i can explore for the below.
I need to convert a string to a US State code.
I've been using fuzzy matching (amatch) using & but the variations coming in that need to be standardized to a 2 character state code are all over the board.
Before I start diving into Greps I wanted to see if anyone already knows of a solution before I reinvent the wheel


The State of CA
California State of
Incorporated in the state of california
Apple Computers is incorporated in the state of California


Check out this stack overflow thread:

R actually has two built-in datasets that should make it less painful.

Depending on your use-case, you might also look into some NLP packages that do Named Entity Recognition, specifically for places:


Thank you again Mara.

Your help is always appreciated.

Jarrod Brown

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