Uploading shiny app to github so it functions as a shinylive app

...Hi everyone,

I created a shiny dashboard that works fine in my desktop. In the creation of the shinyapp, I followed the processes suggested by Garret Grolemund. I then tried to transform that shiny app into a shiny live app, following George Stagg's presentation. The objective was to have a dynamic app stored on github. I implemented the code suggested by Rami Krispin on using shinylive in r:

shinylive::export("completion_rates_app", "dest_dir = docs")

with the app directory name and destination directory as the arguments. However, when I then use the command: httpuv::runStaticServer("docs")

I get a blank screen with the message: "Error starting app! Robj construction for this JS object is not yet supported".

I basically have a csv file with data and am creating a couple of plots and a DT table that is reactive. Any help anyone could provide would be much appreciated.

Hi @jgas, welcome to the Posit community!

From the error message of "Robj construction for this JS object is not yet supported", I would guess that one of the packages you are trying to use isn't supported by shinylive.

Looking at the shinylive supported packages list, it doesn't look like DT is supported because at minimum, its dependencies mnormt and curl aren't available (see last row of table).

Unfortunately, this means you'll have to use a full Shiny server to deploy your app, not shinylive.


Hi @randyzwitch , thank you so much for taking the time to reply and for providing me with this input. I really appreciate it. You have saved me dozens of hours, as I had already spent a good portion of time trying to figure this out. Have a great day!

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