Uploading files onto RStudio

Please I am unable to upload files into the folder I created for me to begin my analysis. I have internet connectivity, but so far, it has been unsuccessful. I am doing a Data Analytics course and this is the final stage of the course. I went to the lower right pane, created a folder where I intend to put in my files but uploading them individually or as a zip folder has been unsuccessful.

Kindly help. Thank you.

The question is unclear to me.

Are you talking about Posit cloud? An RStudio server instance? Or the RStudio IDE on your own computer? What did you do to try uploading files? How was it unsuccessful? Any error?

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OK, I am referring to the RSTUDIO Cloud (Posit), I logged in through my browser. It's of the platforms I was introduced to during my Data Analytics course. I want to complete my Capstone project as recommended and I intend using RStudio to carry out the analysis of the data involved.

So I opened a folder for the project in that lower right pane, and I am trying to just upload a zip folder containing the datasets I want to analyze. It doesn't get uploaded. I followed the right protocol.

I cannot upload a screenshot :confused:

How big is the zip folder?

So, to be clear, you open your Posit Cloud project, in the file pane, you click "Upload"

then you do have a dialog box opening?

Then you click the lower "browse" and select your file.

Then when you click OK, do you have the small loading wheel?

Then what happens? Does any other message get displayed? How long do you wait for the wheel to disappear? Any other detail?

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Aha! Exactly. I followed the steps showed and I am stuck at the rolling wheel. The wheel just keeps rolling and then the page goes kind of blank after about 7 minutes and I see "While you were away, your project went to sleep" whether I stay on the page or visit another tab and come back. I try to resume, and the cycle continues.

Th entire zip folder is 200MB. I thought the file size was an issue but even when I tried uploading each csv file one after the other, it's the same thing that happens.

I've gotten a server error message before but it was when I lost Internet connectivity.

you may give a thought to the strenght of your internet connectivity vs volume of your data set.
that could be a reason.

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You were right. I switched Providers till I found one strong enough. Thank you all.

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