Upload files(named by chinese) with zip exist filename error

hello, I met a problem, when I upload multiple files into Rstudio Cloud, firstly, I packaged it into a zip file, this step is successful, but the subfile is garbled, my files named by chinese, to my suprised, upload this file one by one has no problem, could you help me?![image|690x337](upload://pIXC5KiTudoN4TcGE76ryG3isPi.png)

Not sure what could be the issue, but could you post a link to your project so that someone from RStudio had at least a pointer to where this is happening?

Ah, I see. I though the file names were in other language and then suddenly became Chinese. But it's actually in Chinese :slight_smile:.

Like I've said, it's difficult for me to diagnoze a problem, but are you sure your filenames are garbled at the point where you create zip folder? Given that it is obvious that RStudio Cloud can handle Chinese names just fine (as in your second example), I would suspect that they are garbled even before they make it there.

I have 324 excel files in the zip file, and I am sure that the file name have no problem, it doesn't have any porblem when upload file one by one, but upload the zip file is wrong, I have no idea, thank you for you reply.


Are you compressing the files into a ZIP from a computer running Microsoft Windows? If so, its possible you are running into an issue with windows using non-standard encoding, which can cause issues when the files are extracted on Linux (which is what rstudio.cloud uses).

If this is indeed what is happening, this post on Stack Exchange might have useful workarounds: https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/251969/how-can-i-correctly-decompress-a-zip-archive-of-files-with-hebrew-names



Yes, I did use a computer with Microsoft Windows to compress the files to a zip, I don't know how to use Linux, thank you for your reply, I have chaned my all files names into English, so the problem has been solved with another way. And I really hope that Rstudio Cloud could have supply the way that upload Zip from a coumputer running Microsoft Windows. Thank you very much!

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