Upload challenges

Hello, I apologize for the possibly common question. I have functional and basic shiny ap the works fine locally but I can't seem to get loaded on the shiny io platform. I read the article about this and changed my naming convention...that helped but now I get this error:
Error in createAppManifest(bundleDir, appMode, contentCategory, hasParameters, :
Application mode static requires at least one document.
all of the data is self contained in the app....that is, i have the user select a series of numbers for triangular distributions, use them in a calculation and then show a histogram of the results...so, not csv files or other outside databases.
I built the file in R studio and am selecting the publish icon. I'm just not sure what to do here and didn't see a way to fix after looking online.
can someone please point me in the right direction?
thank you all for your help

disregard. I closed out of R, restarted and pushed it and it published fine. odd and not sure what was different but it's working now whoo hoo!

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