Upgrading GitHub Action workflow to address 'no package called rcmdcheck' but unclear how to account for timezone

I am running into the error 'there is no package called rcmdcheck' as previously discussed here: GitHub Action Failure with Rcmd-check on Ubuntu-devel

To address it I would like to follow @Gabor 's advice to update my workflow with the latest template.

However, it is not clear to me how I can do that given that my workflow aims to run the check per OS specific timezone. I have been doing this because my package is potentially sensitive to timezone-specific bugs and it would seem a waste of computing time to run all checks always on all OS systems in multiple time zones. So, instead I am running my Ubuntu check in Europe, my macOS check in New Zealand, and my Windows check in America. You can find my current workflow file here: GGIR/.github/workflows/r.yml at master · wadpac/GGIR · GitHub

Is there a way to upgrade my workflow to the latest workflow template without losing this functionality?

EDIT: Just to clarify, setting timezone with

uses: szenius/set-timezone@v1.0
timezoneLinux: "Europe/Amsterdam"
timezoneMacos: "Asia/Singapore"
timezoneMacos: "Pacific/Auckland"
timezoneWindows: "America/New_York"

did not allow me to reproduce a bug in my package that only users in the far east were having. This is why I set the timezone at R command line level just before the rcmdcheck argument and not at GitHub Actions level. As a result, I end up with this somewhat complex workflow where I have to call rcmdcheck() directly.

You can still use most of the v2 workflow from r-lib/actions, but instead of using the check-r-package action, you can run your own step.

Alternatively, you can set the time zone in the R profile, potentally differently for each OS, and then you can use all steps of the r-lib/actions example check workflows.

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