Upgrading and loading packages

How do l upgrade my R studio? I am trying to load the sp package it keeps saying it was built under version 3.6.2

Hi, first, you need to read this - Differentiating R from RStudio.

Second, how to update R will depend on your OS (Windows, Mac, Linux). Searching on your favorite search engine with "Update R on " will bring up a lot of info on how to do it.

Thanks for the reply.The problem, Rstudio is telling me you are using the latest version of which my current version is 3.6.1,but then it also tells me package sp was built in the r version 3.6.2. .I am trying to build an application so if l run the code no output is displayed.I am on windows.

Did you read the link I've sent you? You keep confusing R and RStudio. R is a programming language. Current version is 3.6.3. RStudio is an IDE that you use to interact with R the language. When you click on "Check for updates" in RStudio, it correctly tells you that RStudio doesn't need to update.

On Windows you can use installr package to update R the programming language - https://talgalili.github.io/installr/


I have read it ,thanks it makes sense now l was busy confusing myself .

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