Upgrade to RStudio Cloud Premium

Hello Team,
We would like to upgrade the R Studio to Premium for one month. We are a small business and established in India( developing Country). Please help us with the payment process.
Awaiting your reply.

Sai Teja Reddy

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RStudio doesn't offer a product called "RStudio Premium", so some clarification as to exactly what you're hoping to purchase is needed.

If you're looking to just get on to a higher tier on shinyapps.io, you can do you at https://www.shinyapps.io/ >> Pricing. There are a number of options listed there, including Starter, Basic, Standard, Professional.

If you're looking to purchase one of RStudio's professional products, like RStudio Server Pro, Connect Package Manager, or Team, a good first step is to reach out to sales, at sales@rstudio.com.

Hello EconomicCurtis,
Thanks for your response. We would like to take the RStudio Cloud Premium for a month and wish to get some extra space and project hours. Can you please help us with this information and how to proceed with the payment. Here is the link of the plan that we wish to take.

Thanks in Advance :slight_smile:

Sai Teja Reddy

@EconomiCurtis am having the same issue. The "Start My Cloud Premium Plan" button is broken on the following url: https://rstudio.cloud/plans/premium/subscribe.

I have tried in Chrome and Edge and cannot get the payment to process and I'm paying in the US with AMEX.

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