Upgrade from Rstudio-server 1.2.5042 and Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

I upgraded from Rstudio server 0.98.1025, Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, and IIS on Windows to RStudio server 1.2.5042. I tried upgrading this in-place to Ubuntu 16, but I'm not able to load locahost:8787 anymore. Any idea what the issue is and how to solve it? I also suspect that I may have an issue with CIFS network shares.

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Whoa! Yeah, a lot can break on OS changes / etc.! Also, that is a big upgrade jump!! (Worth noting that RStudio is now on version 1.4, so 1.2.5 is still like 1.5 years old).

In any case, I would look at the output of systemctl status rstudio-server, cat /var/log/syslog or cat /var/log/messages and netstat -lntp to see whether RStudio Server is alive, listening, and what it's doing :smile:

I hope that helps!!

Thanks, it looks like rstudio-server is not there after the in-place upgrade, and there is no listener on 8787.

Ohhh I see. You upgraded the operating system in place. I read that wrong. Yeah, I suspect you probably have an entire new computer filesystem. I have never done a full operating system upgrade, but I could definitely see that causing trouble and deleting things.

It may be worth doing a fresh RStudio Server installation? Also, if you can share the output of some of those commands, that might be helpful to others in a similar situation!

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