Updating R studio-Issues with packages

Hi All,
I"m a newbie to using R studio, and just updated my version to R studio to 1.2.1335. After that, I believe I also updated my version of R (I see a Rx64 3.6.0 in my start menu so I"m assuming that is the updated version of R but please correct me if I"m wrong). When I"m trying to install packages such as tidyr, dplyr, etc. I'm getting an error and its asking me to download RTools for installing packages. Is that needed? From what I read/see Rtools is only needed to develop packages. Any idea why this is happening? Do I need Rtools to be installed?

Thanks.Any help is greatly appreciated!

Yes, if you are on Windows, you need to install Rtools for installing packages that require compiling (this is the case when there is no binary version available or the source version is newer).

okay cool, got it.
Thanks, appreciate the help

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