Updating R and R Studio

Hello Posit family,

Please I am sorry if my question sounds really basic and silly, but I want to update R and R Studio to their latest versions on my Windows10 machine, and I want to know the safest way to do that.

Some users have reported losing all their .R files and installed libraries after updating their softwares, and I do not want to become a victim of that.

Therefore, would simply uninstalling R and R Studio on my machine and then installing their latest versions ensure that I will not lose any of my .R files and installed libraries?

Please, what is the safest way to update R and R Studio? Thanks in advance of your helpful response.

On Windows, each R version has it's own package library and you are most likely going to need to reinstall them anyway if you are making a major version upgrade (because some packages need to be compiled for a specific major R version).

The RStudio issue that deleted the content of .r files has already been fixed on the latest stable version so you are safe on that front.

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