Updating pandoc version + using webshot to render to PPT in RStudio Cloud

I'm trying to knit to PPT & I'm using flextable to render the tables, which needs pandoc 2.4+ to function. The current pandoc_version() is 2.3.1. Is there any way for me to update pandoc in my workspace?

Also, I noticed that webshot does not work, and gives me a failure code -6 (which is not googleable). Does webshot require a local environment to work? This is one I don't even know where to start with.

Thanks for any clues!

The IDE (RStudio Open Source, RStudio Server, RStudio Server Pro) bundles pandoc:

There is not currently a means for installing a newer version. There is an issue tracking providing a newer version of pandoc in 1.3 of the IDE.

That said, could you include the error you are receiving that indicates that pandoc 2.4+ is required? Perhaps add a reproducible example?

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