Updating Pandoc binaries

RMarkdown uses the program Pandoc to convert between different output formats.
Beginning with version 2, the Pandoc binary ships with an interpreter for Lua filters included, thereby avoiding any external dependencies.
Therefore, users might be interested in updating to a newer version of Pandoc.
It is actually really easy to update to a new Pandoc version, by just chaning the binaries in RStudio's bin/ folder.
Yihui Xie wrote an excellent blog entry suggesting the usage of the new Pandoc version on https://yihui.name/en/2018/06/time-for-pandoc-2-x/.
Did anyone so far make experiences how well this works?

RStudio IDE comes with Pandoc 2.7.2 now so no need to change the binary if you have version of RStudio > 1.2
Doesn't it work for you ?

Thanks a lot for your answer.
It works well for me and I just wanted to share the idea with others.

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