Updating multiple SQL records with DBI dbBind

I have R Studio Workbench which communicates with MSSQL databases (which have been properly mounted). I can insert records using DBI using dbAppendTable. In the past, to UPDATE multiple records in MSSQL using R, I could write a recipe that used DBI::dbSendQuery and DBI::dbBind. This does not seem to work any longer. A dbSendQuery without parameters will work fine when not using dbBind, it's when it becomes parameterized that it no longer binds. Please help!

As a toy example, I created a two-column table. I want to update column A_Number WHERE ID = 2.

I want to update the value from 324 --> 15.15:

  1. Collect the data
    tbl(PM_MASTER, 'test_table_update') %>% collect()
     ID A_Number
     1     1.25
     2   324.
  1. df_test is a one row tibble that I want to bind to and update my test_table_update SQL table:
df_test <- tbl(PM_MASTER, 'test_table_update') %>% 
    filter(ID == 2) %>% 
    collect() %>% 
    mutate(A_Number = 15.15)


 ID A_Number
 2     15.2
  1. Attempt the update: No errors show here but ID 2 did not update to 15.15 as expected
update <- dbSendQuery(PM_MASTER, 'UPDATE test_table_update SET "A_Number"=?  WHERE ID=?')
dbBind(update, df_test)
tbl(PM_MASTER, 'test_table_update') %>% collect()
     ID A_Number
      1     1.25
      2   324.


I'll answer my own question. It seems as though you have to bind in order. This is strange, but in my example if I relocate "A_Number" i.e. as the first field, then ID can be used in the where clause. Seems odd that key/value pairs don't align, but I guess this way works.

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