updated_time and other columns returned by rsconnect::applications are undocumented

rsconnect::applications documents these columns as being returned:


     applications(account = NULL, server = NULL)

     Returns a data frame with the following columns:

       'id'          Application unique id                                      
       'name'        Name of application                                        
       'title'       Application title                                          
       'url'         URL where application can be accessed                      
       'status'      Current status of application. Valid values are 'pending', 
                     'deploying', 'running', 'terminating', and 'terminated' 
       'size'        Instance size (small, medium, large, etc.) (on 
       'instances'   Number of instances (on ShinyApps.io)                      
       'config_url'  URL where application can be configured  

But I find other columns additionally returned, viz:

 [1] "id"           "name"         "url"          "status"       "created_time"
 [6] "updated_time" "size"         "instances"    "guid"         "title"       
[11] "config_url"  

I am seeking a definition of updated_time. Specifically, what events cause this value to be reset?