Update value in table

Hi, how correctly write in R something like this?:

UPDATE Customers
SET ContactName = 'Alfred Schmidt', City= null
WHERE CustomerID = 1;

Here is one way to do that.

Customers <- data.frame(CustomerID=1:2,ContactName=c("A","B"),
CustomerID ContactName   Address  City
1           A               M    Y
2           B               N    Z
Customers[Customers$CustomerID==1,c("ContactName","City")] <- c("Alfred Schmidt","null")
CustomerID    ContactName   Address  City
    1       Alfred Schmidt       M    null
    2              B             N    Z

If this is part of a larger process, there might be a more efficient way to do it.

Thank you very much. But I want to see null as an empty field, not a text

I think an NA would be appropriate in R.

Customers[Customers$CustomerID==1,c("ContactName","City")] <- c("Alfred Schmidt",NA)

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