Update packages warning message: problem in copying dll permission denied

I would like to install DCluster which can be obtained with command:

After running it I was asked if I wanted to update a susbet of packages

Downloading GitHub repo becarioprecario/DCluster@HEAD
These packages have more recent versions available.
It is recommended to update all of them.
Which would you like to update?

 1: All                            
 2: CRAN packages only             
 3: None                           
 4: wk    (0.9.0  -> 0.9.1 ) [CRAN]
 5: Rcpp  (1.0.11 -> 1.0.12) [CRAN]
 6: e1071 (1.7-13 -> 1.7-14) [CRAN]
 7: units (0.8-4  -> 0.8-5 ) [CRAN]
 8: s2    (1.1.4  -> 1.1.6 ) [CRAN]
 9: sp    (2.0-0  -> 2.1-3 ) [CRAN]
10: sf    (1.0-14 -> 1.0-15) [CRAN]
11: spdep (1.3-1  -> 1.3-3 ) [CRAN]

However it seems that I cannot update them as if I type 1
For each of the above package I got the warning message that cannot remove prior installation of package
and an error of file.copy


7: In file.copy(savedcopy, lib, recursive = TRUE) :
  problem copying C:\Users\angel\AppData\Local\R\win-library\4.3\00LOCK\sf\libs\x64\sf.dll to C:\Users\angel\AppData\Local\R\win-library\4.3\sf\libs\x64\sf.dll: Permission denied

Is there a way to quickly fix it? I know that I could manually delete all packages and install them again but I would like to find out a quick solution.
Also the DCluster package can be installed without the need of updating the packages but I would like to have the latest version of them anyway.

Thanks for your help

I am not a Windows user but it looks like you need to remove that 00LOCK file.

I'd also suggest restarting R and RStudio.

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