Unsupervised Random Forest Clustering

Dear All,

I've been trying to implement an unsupervised random forest clustering procedure in R with limited success.

First and foremost, I am positive I have all the relevant packages installed (and loaded), such as: 'RFclust.SGE' , 'rfUtilities', 'fpc' for these types of unsupervised methods.

Yet, when I run the try to run the example at the bottom of the page for the Iris data set:https://rdrr.io/github/nguforche/UnsupRF/man/UnsupRF.html

I get the following set of errors about 'unused arguments'. Would anybody be able to identify why these arguments are 'unused', following the example instructions?

Error in RFdist(data = dat, ntree = 10, no.rep = 20, syn.type = "permute",  : 
  unused arguments (data = dat, ntree = 10, no.rep = 20, syn.type = "permute", importance = TRUE, oob.prox = TRUE)

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