Unsolicited email from Pete Knast

This academic year, I have decided to try out RStudio Cloud for my statistics course. With the help of RStudio Cloud, everything is going fantastic. However, recently I have received email from Pete Knast, who has helped to increase the member limits of a workspace.

Given the amount of undesirable email, I would like some confirmation regarding an email from Pete Knast (Director of Growth). The question is: Is this email official?

I think it is fair to share the email contents:

Hi Gregory,

Thanks for using RStudio Cloud. My name is Pete Knast and I'm the Director of Growth for the product.

I work closely with Robby, who you may have heard from in the past.

If you have some time, I'd love to learn more about how you're using RStudio Cloud and field any feedback you may have. The conversation will be entirely casual. Your feedback will be instrumental in making sure the product is delivering the best experience possible for its users.

Is there a good day/time PST for you?

Thanks again,

Pete Knast

Although the link above goes to info.rstudio.com, it redirects to LinkedIn.

Comments are appreciated.

Hi Greg,

I can confirm this is an official email from Pete Knast, who is an RStudio employee. Besides that, is there something specific you had a question on?


Dear Andy,

Thanks for the quick response. I your answer was all that I needed!