unresolved unicode in cmd check report

When I run devtools::check I found unresolved Unicodes in the report. Why?
I have two computers with the same configuration in REGION, LANGUAGE and INPUT.
I have checked the version of devtools (2.2.2) and usethis (1.5.1). All ident.

Any Hint?

==> devtools::check()

Updating simlab documentation
Loading simlab
-- Building ------------------------------------------- simlab --
  Setting env vars:
<U+25CF> CFLAGS    : -Wall -pedantic -fdiagnostics-color=always
<U+25CF> CXXFLAGS  : -Wall -pedantic -fdiagnostics-color=always
<U+25CF> CXX11FLAGS: -Wall -pedantic -fdiagnostics-color=always
  <U+2713>  checking for file 'C:\Users\Helmut\Documents\RWorkingDir\projects\simlab/DESCRIPTION'
-  preparing 'simlab':
  <U+2713>  checking DESCRIPTION meta-information
-  checking for LF line-endings in source and make files and shell scripts
-  checking for empty or unneeded directories
-  looking to see if a 'data/datalist' file should be added
-  building 'simlab_0.0.0.9000.tar.gz'


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