Unknown or uninitialised column warning

gosh why R problems never end?
my issue today isn't new I had it before and I dont know how I solved it
IBS is my data file name

<- imputemeanCost <- imputeEQ5DCostmean/70
IBS$imputemeanCost <- imputemeanCost$Costs24

The warning message is as follow

Warning message:

Unknown or uninitialised column: imputemeanCost.

however there is a table for imputemeanCost in the environment

please help

is there an IBS table ?

yes there is. it is the data file name

is there really an arrow <- pointing to nothing on the left ?
is imputeEQ5DCostmean a dataframe or a column?

The code is as follow
imputemeanCost <- imputeEQ5DCostmean/70

ok, that answers half of the questions.
The question of whether imputeEQ5DCostmean is a data.frame or something else would shed light on whether imputemeanCost$Costs24 should be expected to refer to anything meaningful, as given the previous line, it only would if imputeEQ5DCostmean was an object containing Costs24



and let us know what the outcome is.

Now you provide information about imputemeanCostDSA, a brand new name , how does this relate to what was previously discussed,m? you haven't said... therefore no conclusions can be reliably drawn.

sorry for the confusion however imputemeanCostDSA has the exact code and sequence as imputemeanCost , additionally, other codes with the same exact sequence and coding worked and some (the ones I shared ) didnt

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