Unknown Error Message with Markdown

I have have the following errors (screenshots 1 & 2). It first tells me that a fatal error has occurred. I try to delete each of the tabs, but when I click on the "in-class file", it seems to crash and buffers at the top (screenshot 3). From there I can no longer move or close out RStudio. I have deleted the program (and all the system files) and reinstalled it multiple times but those two files autoload and the same thing happens.
I reached out to my professor and he's also confused as to why it freezes. We understand the initial error, but the we can't seem to clear it. Not sure if anyone knows how I can get a fresh start and remove the file without it buffering.

Use the menu to create a new notebook and save it to your current working directory, then click the preview button. If it displays, then make a copy of the notebook with the error and delete the first chunk and preview. Continue until the offending chunk is isolated. Otherwise, run sessionInfo() and cut-and-paste in a reply the result along with the contents of your notebook, preceded by four backticks.

I'm not able to create a new notebook. Once I try ,it buffers again. If I try to delete or edit the existing notebook it buffers again.

Ok, that narrows it. Does the console pane work? Like just length(mycars) or anything? If it doesn’t, reinstall R would be my recommendation. If it does, reinstall RStudio

I tried to do both and it is still automatically opening the same files with the error. I deleted the files, R, and RStudio (along with the system file). I do not know how it is still loading that information after I delete and reinstall.

I have a Mac, so I may have to contact Apple to see if there is anything affecting it on the backend, because deleting and reinstalling should of fixed the problem.

Did you install the correct architecture of R—Intel or Silicon (ARM) version of R? Are you on Ventura?

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