Unknown crashing of RStudio-connect

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I'm running a configuration file for RStudio-connect via an EC2 instance on AWS. The file is set up for single-sign on (SAML) and had been running without any problems for the past several months. I suddenly began receiving some pretty cryptic errors a few days ago, and am not sure how to even begin going about debugging this. The log file /var/log/rstudio-connect.log is empty, and journalctl -u rstudio-connect is giving the following information:

I know this is a somewhat advanced/obscure question, but has anyone encountered this before? I have a feeling that it has something to do with the config file, but nothing had been changed leading up to this...

The bottom lines seem to be complaining about missing the right environment variable among the several candidates it found. Take a look at those under this user? I think paying customers can open a ticket.

Thanks for the quick response! I've pieced together the story that we had an auto-renewal of SSL certification that somehow broke the system. Not quite sure why the error is pointing at a missing environment variable, but a fresh restart might be in order..

Ahoy oniemann. Sorry for this issue with Posit Connect.

Since this issue appears to be connected to an Posit Pro product, we are going to refer it to premium support (https://support.Posit.co/hc/en-us/requests/new)

Should a generalizable solution be reached we'll be sure to return here and share that.

Hi all,

This ended up being a permissions issue on the secret key, so nothing to do with the Posit Pro product itself. Thanks EconomiCurtis for initiating the support! I found this error by including a logging component in the global configuration file (/etc/rstudio-connect/rstudio-connect.gcfg):

ServiceLogFormat = TEXT
ServiceLog = /var/log/rstudio-connect-logfile.log
AccessLogFormat = JSON
AccessLog = STDERR

This provided much more useful logs that systemctl or journalctl and helped me quickly get to the bottom of it.

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