Unknown command "create". Did you mean command "render"?

I would like to create a new journal format for Quarto. I found the documentation page on how to do this, which says you start by running

quarto create extension journal

In your terminal. However, when I run this command I get the error

ERROR: Unknown command "create". Did you mean command "render"?

I have RStudio version 2023.03.0+386 (2023.03.0+386) and Quarto version 1.0.37. Do I need to update one or both of these things? Any other suggestions?

This works with the separately loaded quarto CLI program, but not with the version embedded into the RStudio.app tree. So, it's a $PATH issue.

My suggestion is to make a shell alias for the "real" quarter or invoke it from the install directory. Try

/usr/local/bin/quarto create extension journal

from the terminal. That doesn't assure being able to find the extension in `RStudio, but at least you can debug it in the CLI. I understand the user experience tradeoffs made, but it's unfortunate that there's no a "big kids" advanced option to use the system quarto and pandoc in preference.

If you want to walk on the wild side, add the following to .REnviron in your home directory


We have release Quarto 1.3. You need to install a more recent Quarto version. You can do that by downloading installer from our website

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