Unit Testing to Compare Server to Shinyapps.io

I have a Shiny app for which I've used shinytest for unit testing. This testing all took place on my local server. But, the app is slated to be loaded on Shinyapps.io...a fairly seamless process. However, there are some outcomes that necessitate testing (e.g., I've found that hyperlinks may function properly on the local server, yet break on Shinyapps.io unless we specify target="_parent"). Is there documentation regarding how to use Shinytest on the web instance? Or, should I be looking in a different direction to automatically validate my web instance? My searches have been fruitless to date.


It appears running shinytest in shinyapp.io won't be a possibility.

You might, however, be able to do this via connect by running shinytest on the server that hosts the connect instance.

Thanks for taking time to look into this. I was afraid that that was the case. I am already using rsconnect to push the tool out to shinyapps, so I'll check into this option a bit deeper.

Thank you!