uninstall an extension

Hello, I added an extension in the R terminal below for quarto to render a poster but it did not work. Now when I try to render a quarto document using html format it does not let me. It goes through the whole process and then stops and says the below. How do I uninstall the extension so I can use quarto rendering normally again? help please.

Preparing to preview
WARNING: Unabled to resolve output target for /Users/soraidagarcia/Desktop/DummyFolder/DummyFolder3/Quarto_Presentation.rmarkdown ERROR: Unable to read the extension 'poster'. Please ensure that you provided the correct id and that the extension is installed.

This is the extension I installed at the beginning but want to uninstall it.
MacBook-Pro:~ soraidagarcia$ quarto use template quarto-ext/typst-templates/poster

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