Unexpected Token Issue?

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New R user here. I keep getting red underlines telling me there are token issues in my code. But what I have wrote does work the way it is supposed to but I don't understand why it is getting flagged. It occurs on code that I use to specify dates (mostly the last bit of code). I'm using some packages to support that code, find them below.

I'm worried I'm doing something wrong so I want to check.

Here is the whole code:

# Bringing in / Checking the dataset ----
#bringing in new packages
# importing the data from a clean excel file

m_data <- read_excel("C:/Users/andersonke/Desktop/R Data/00 BEACH DATA/Beach_Lab_Data_08222019_CLEAN.xlsx", 
                                            col_types = c("date", "text", "numeric", 
                                                          "text", "numeric", "numeric"))


# looking at the structure


#using the dplyr and ggplot2 packs to make plots but first using mutate to make a log transformation

m_data <- m_data %>%
  mutate(L10_GM = log10(GM))

#converting to a r compatible date format
m_data$DATE <- as.Date(m_data$DATE, format = '%Y-%m-%d')

#checking to make sure that the var names are present in the m_data dataset


#finding duplicates in the whole dataset
duptable <- table(m_data$BEACH, m_data$DATE)
write.csv(duptable, "duptable.csv")

#removing duplicates based on date and beach
m_data %>% distinct(BEACH, GM, DATE, .keep_all = TRUE)

# Descp Stats ----

# Basic box plot
bp <- ggplot(m_data, aes(x=BEACH, y=L10_GM))+
# Horizontal box plot
bp + coord_flip()

#Freq table of BAV and BEACH BAV=0 means no exceedance
bav.freq <- table(m_data$BAV, m_data$BEACH)
write.csv(bav.freq, "bavfreq.csv")
bav.freq <- table(m_data$BAV, m_data$BEACH, format.Date(DATE, %m)=="5")
write.csv(bav.freq, "bavfreq.csv")

#making datasets based on BAV status

m_data_BAV1 <- m_data[(m_data$GM >= 1000), ]

m_data_BAV0 <- m_data[(m_data$GM < 1000), ]

#making sub-datasets by date range (years)
mdata19 <- subset(m_data, DATE >= "2019-01-01" & DATE <= "2019-12-31")
mdata18 <- subset(m_data, DATE >= "2018-01-01" & DATE <= "2018-12-31")
mdata17 <- subset(m_data, DATE >= "2017-01-01" & DATE <= "2017-12-31")
mdata16 <- subset(m_data, DATE >= "2016-01-01" & DATE <= "2016-12-31")
mdata15 <- subset(m_data, DATE >= "2015-01-01" & DATE <= "2015-12-31")
write.csv(mdata19, "mdata19.csv")
write.csv(mdata18, "mdata18.csv")
write.csv(mdata17, "mdata17.csv")
write.csv(mdata16, "mdata16.csv")
write.csv(mdata15, "mdata15.csv")

#Making sub-datasets by date range (months)
mdata05yy <- subset(m_data, format.Date(DATE, "%m")=="05")
mdata06yy <- subset(m_data, format.Date(DATE, "%m")=="06")
mdata07yy <- subset(m_data, format.Date(DATE, "%m")=="07")
mdata08yy <- subset(m_data, format.Date(DATE, "%m")=="08")
mdata09yy <- subset(m_data, format.Date(DATE, "%m")=="09")
write.csv(mdata05yy, "mdata05yy.csv")
write.csv(mdata06yy, "mdata06yy.csv")
write.csv(mdata07yy, "mdata07yy.csv")
write.csv(mdata08yy, "mdata08yy.csv")
write.csv(mdata09yy, "mdata09yy.csv")

Nothing gets flagged when I copy your code into RStudio. Since the code runs, I am not surprised. Where exactly do you see the "error"?

Here is an image

See image in my reply below. It happens on lines 51 and 76-85.

Line 51 is

bav.freq <- table(m_data$BAV, m_data$BEACH, format.Date(DATE, %m)=="5")

My Rstudio does not flag that but the %m should be in quotes.

bav.freq <- table(m_data$BAV, m_data$BEACH, format.Date(DATE, "%m")=="5")

Try changing that and see if the problem goes away.


I've filed an RStudio issue here to help ensure the diagnostics system diagnoses this more accurately in the future. Thanks for reporting!

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Cool thank you Kevin

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