Unexpected token error on imported data set

New user to R and using an guided video to write some script. On importing data set I am getting an 'unexpected token'. It is coded exactly the way the video guides. I am wondering if it is because the way 0 is displayed but cannot find a way to correct this.

R code

It is really difficult to see what is happening from a screen shot.

Can you post your code and output here?

Here are some general guidelines :FAQ: How to do a minimal reproducible example ( reprex ) for beginners

I've installed the reprex add-on to copy the code here. But when I try and render it I just get a pop-up saying ' R code execution error '

You don't actually need to use the reprex package to create a reproducible example, as explained in the guide you just need to provide a minimal version of the code is given you trouble and sample data to test it.

Although, I think your problem is simply that you are not quoting the url.

Thank you ! Was not quoting url and found some typos... rookie mistake.

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