Unexpected error in sql machine learning,reshape2

HI Everyone :slight_smile:

I have a problem with an R function that I am trying to execute on an SQL function.
I am attaching screenshots with eror message.

In RSudio, the code works without a problem, so I don't understand what causes this problem.

ALTER PROCEDURE HI (@threshold float = 0.1)
	exec sp_execute_external_script
		  @language = N'R',
		  @script = N'	
			 dd = dcast(InputDataSet, VendorNumber ~ Digits, value.var="Freq");
			 OutputDataSet = cbind(
				apply(dd[,-1], 1, function(xx) chisq.test(xx, p=(log(1+1/(1:9))/log(10)))$p.value)); ## Equation using Benford law
			 colnames(OutputDataSet) <- c("VendorNumber", "Digit1", "Digit2", "Digit3", "Digit4",
											"Digit5", "Digit6", "Digit7", "Digit8", "Digit9", "Pvalue");
			OutputDataSet <- subset(OutputDataSet, Pvalue < threshold);
		  @input_data_1 = N'
	select VendorNumber, Digits, Freq
	  from [BenfordFraud].VendorInvoiceDigits(default)
	order by VendorNumber asc, Digits asc;
		  @params = N'@threshold float',
		  @threshold = @threshold
	with result sets (( VendorNumber varchar(10),
	   Digit1 int, Digit2 int, Digit3 int, Digit4 int, Digit5 int, Digit6 int, Digit7 int, Digit8 int, Digit9 int,
	   Pvalue float));

Thank you in advance for your help

I know that I have problem with only function 'dcast'.
It's working in RStudio, but not in shown above procedure.

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