unequal length combining data

So i have to combine 7 mcc scores for 7 hotels with the dataset that contains 3299 reviews which means each hotel has multiple reviews so i need to duplicate my MCC scores but i don't know how to do that this is what i had for my MCC scores =>for(i in 1:length(xned$Hotel_Name)){
r <- do_sentiment(vecneg = xnednew[[i]][["Negative_Review"]], vecpos = xnednew[[i]][["Positive_Review"]])

Hi and welcome.
There's a similar question here Filter in dplyr HELP.

The advice I gave there I think applies here as well. Could you give clarity as to what problem you're having, and pose your question with a a reproducible example (reprex)? This makes it much easier to understand your issue, and reprex s are great starting points to offer you a suggestion.

Also, given this is the 2nd of a very similar question, I should make you aware of our homework policy, FAQ: Homework Policy. We are happy to help with homework, but be sure to mark them as such.

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