Understanding DBBIND from DBI

Can anybody tell me how to use BIND argument with postgresql.

I admit I know nothing about binding and I was not able to search how to bind parameters through R. I can do that via SQL but not through R.

This is a very childish CODE but it's good enough for me to understand.

PSQLcon <-dbConnect(
        user = 'postgres'   #LoginValue$user
        password = 'Gurgaon@65' #LoginValue$password
        dbname = 'HRMS'

    PSQLcon,"insert into dropdown.states values (current_timestamp,$state)",c("JK"))%>% 

dbGetQuery(PSQLcon,"select * from dropdown.states where states = $s",list(data.frame(s="RJ"))) 

Can you please tell me how to bind the parameters to getQuery and SendQuery Method so that I can insert data and get data from POSTGRESQL.

and Notice I am using RPostgres instead of RPostgresQL. Let me know if that does have any difference.
I have heard that it is faster and more maintainable. Please do reply.

Hi @Anantadinath, maybe this article may be able to help you: http://db.rstudio.com/best-practices/run-queries-safely/#parameterized-queries