Unborking Jupyter on Rstudio Workbence

Very tricky Rstudio Workbench problem. I've submitted this to support, but it's weird enough that nobody's been able to figure it out.

Some users cannot open Jupyter Lab or Jupyter Notebook sessions on an Rstudio Workbench Kubernetes cluster. I'm able to resolve this by basically creating a new home directory for the user, so this is clearly something borked with the user's python environment.

My question is is there any way to narrow this down a little more or a more elegant way to reset someone's Python environment? Any thoughts on best practices for managing a shared Jupyter environment would be appreciated as well.

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Howdy @gordon! So sorry to hear about your issue here!

I'm willing to bet that there is some weird ~/.local or ~/.config state. Maybe take a look at the hidden directories in the user's homedir and see if deleting them resolves the issue? In particular, you can probably find a subfolder of one of these with jupytery stuff in it :smile:

If it's Workbench's problem (I hope it's not :see_no_evil: ), then it would be in the user's rstudio folder. ~/.local/rstudio, maybe? I forget the exact path off-hand :smile: If it's just jupyter, then I would think the problem will be in the open source jupyter folders.