Unacceptable Load time in shinyapps.io


I have an app running fine locally in all browsers, but when I deploy it to the shinyapps.io, it takes time to load initially in IE11 & Edge. I have read your previous posts that when I press Ctrl+alt+Shift+A I can disable all the networks except the last one, and that actually worked for me! But my question is how can I apply that in my app (in the code), is there a way that does that without the user pressing Ctrl+alt+shift+A?

Highly appreciate your advice!
I need to solve the problem in order to publish it!
Thank you!
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Is this app unacceptably slow for you as well?



Thank you for getting back to me!
This works fine, but when I disable networking methods (except the last one), it loads faster in Edge. Just what happens in my app too! (My app is much larger).

That was my question, how to disable networking methods in the app itself, or if there is anyway to get rid of the initial time loading?

Thank you again
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